The flight-tracker connects to your flight simulator and records all flights in real-time. The flight-data is automatically uploaded to the FSAirlines Crew-Center where it is used to compute your virtual airline's statistics.

The flight-tracker is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane (Windows, Mac).

Huidige stabiele uitgave

2020/09/07 07:05
- Co-pilot support

- A "Deliver All" button so
that if there are packages
that can be delivered (within
50 nm) the will be.

- Divert Airport - When the
divert button is pushed the
pilot will be asked to enter
the code of the airport they
are going to divert to.

- The weight of the cabin
crew is now included in the
weight of the flight.

- A "Read Only" fueling mode.

- Support for P3D v5 and MSFS

- Autosave is now off by
default, if you want to use
it go into the clients
options and turn it on.

- Numerous stability fixes.

Windows XP/7/8/10 (Version v2.4.0)

Huidige b├Ęta uitgave

Windows XP/7/8/10 (Version v2.4.0.1)
2020/09/12 21:34
- Disable enhanced version
- Fix to allow Flight Design
CTRL to be used in MSFS.
- Compiled on new build