All American

Based in: United States
Balance: 3.578.876.447v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 15% of VA-income
Colonel: 40% of VA-income
Lieutenant Colonel: 37% of VA-income
Chief Warrant Officer 5: 35% of VA-income
Major: 35% of VA-income
Captain: 30% of VA-income
First Lieutenant: 25% of VA-income
Private Pilot/CPL (GA only): 20% of VA-income
Second Lieutenant: 20% of VA-income
Trainee: 10% of VA-income
All American West Coast Commander: 5% of VA-income
Arctic Warrior Commander: 5% of VA-income
Chief Operations Officer: 5% of VA-income
Commanding Officer: 5% of VA-income
European Command Commander: 5% of VA-income
Flight Officer: 5% of VA-income
Great White North Commander: 5% of VA-income
Pacific Command Commander: 5% of VA-income
Screaming Eagles Commander: 5% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

<Please go to our website and join us on Discord> All American exists for our pilots. Our vision is develop a thriving, virtually connected community of fun, low-stress flying partners who are well paid for their loyalty. We are a community particularly enthusiastic about military, law enforcement, and first-responder aviation subcultures. ALL THE WAY, AIRBORNE!

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
KSFOKMDWDec 03, 22:160A3211609nmDan Hardin100%3.131.825v$
PACVPAWRDec 01, 19:515EC3597nmMarty Murphy100%55.225v$
CYYJKATLDec 01, 15:500B7481954nmJeremy Bell100%10.574.575v$
KATLCYYJNov 30, 18:540B7481954nmJeremy Bell100%14.580.725v$
KBURKSLCNov 30, 00:10129A19N499nmDan Hardin100%525.600v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
AAL1700Justin GCOLogan IntlDec 01, 23:49
AAL1701Dan HCOChicago Midway IntlDec 03, 22:18
AAL1704Marty MAW CDRWhittierDec 03, 17:54
AAL1707Louie J1LTCampbell AAF (Fort Campbell) Air FieldNov 14, 18:13
AAL1744Niall KEUCOM CDRLic Benito Juarez IntlNov 27, 19:08
AAL1745John DPACOM CDRNinoy Aquino IntlNov 27, 11:35
AAL367Bjoern TCOEl Prat23 May 2022
AAL368Roman Z1LTEleftherios Venizelos IntlDec 03, 18:04
AAL372Robert RCOLLic Benito Juarez IntlNov 30, 21:55
AAL378Ethan BAAWC CDRTed Stevens Anchorage IntlNov 21, 06:16
AAL426Kam A2LTMiami IntlNov 17, 01:49
AAL429Joshua HCPTCampbell AAF (Fort Campbell) Air Field15 Jul 2022
AAL431Clayton ­2LTLos Angeles IntlDec 02, 22:53
AAL437Tim LPPL/CPLChhatrapati Shivaji Intl19 May 2022
AAL440Jeremy BCPTHartsfield - Jackson Atlanta IDec 01, 15:57
AAL442David H2LTLondon17 Jul 2022
AAL443Lilith BCPTToronto/Pearson IntlNov 20, 20:56
AAL451Zvi B1LTMunichOct 31, 09:53
AAL453Drew WTR1Raleigh-Durham IntlNov 12, 20:42
AAL454Jonathan TTR1Detroit Metro Wayne CoNov 07, 23:05
AAL912John NCPTNarita IntlDec 03, 00:47