Hukobu Air

Based in: Canada
Balance: 13.094.375v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 0% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

✈️ Hukobu Air is a virtual airline with a fleet of piston, turboprop and regional jet airframe options to meet our virtual customer needs.

✈️ The current Hukobu Air operating region is the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia), Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Alaska. As growth and opportunities arise for additional regions, we will add in new network locations and aircraft types to meet pilot needs.

✈️ Our Goal is to provide pilots an active, supportive, and positive VA experience and community. Our community has a ramp-to-ramp type approach and attitude and take pride in their aircraft handling skills.

✈️ We have a progression type experience where pilots can get promoted up the ranks to have access to more complicated aircraft types and perks. Each month our top pilots for hours and distance flown are recognized with an award. Plus we have a Hukobu Hall of Fame award that is given to any pilot who achieves a top 3 ranking in FSAirlines for their average rating for the month.

✈️ Pilot Pay = $25 - $150 per hour depending on Rank. See the Pilot Ranks page on our website for details.


Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
CYVRCYBLDec 04, 06:0535B46193nmDrak Nova100%-692v$
CAT4CAK3Nov 30, 16:093C17259nmChristian Schmidt100%14.075v$
CAK3CAT4Nov 30, 15:353C17259nmChristian Schmidt100%13.375v$
KBOICYVRNov 26, 23:1868DC6444nmDrak Nova100%718.650v$
KYKMKBOINov 26, 08:0868DC6257nmDrak Nova100%620.425v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
HKB2100Huz B9.0 CEOVancouver IntlDec 01, 15:49
HKB2101Drak N2.0 SCCampbell RiverDec 04, 04:43
HKB2102Tom 9.1 MCTofinoNov 19, 17:56
HKB2103Brian_ 2.0 SCVernonDec 04, 08:21
HKB2104Irish 2.0 SCVancouver IntlNov 13, 21:28
HKB2201Christian S0.1 FOVancouver IntlDec 01, 00:48
HKB2202Jeep B1.3 CaptDelta Heritage Air ParkNov 06, 22:05
HKB9999Huz B0.2 SODelta Heritage Air ParkOct 14, 14:44