Star Airlines

Based in: Norway
Balance: 1.527.339.760v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 20% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Welcome to Star Airlines

Through thousands of years mankind have constantly been gazing towards the sky, dreaming and wondering how wonderful it must feel to be a bird, feel the wind beneath of your wings, being able to observe all the treasures of the earth from above.
Today, this is a common reality, and some of us are quite enthusiastic about this reality.

Our Company was Founded in Oslo early 2020 by a group of experienced Norwegian Flight simulator hobby-enthusiasts.
Star Airlines main operations are based in Oslo, Norway with SAS as our Premium fleet, offering and simulating genuine SAS routes both domestic and international.
In addition to this, we currently offer genuine real world routes from these following real world airlines; (route networks are under constant development, some are more extensive than others)
American Airlines
British Airways
Delta Airlines
KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines
Qatar Airways

Our company policy is as simple as this; Fly as much as you want and enjoy every minute of it!
This is not our job, this is our hobby, yet many of us fly as if it was indeed our job.

If you would like to become one of us, send us your application and let us know what kind of Aircraft you would like to fly, and under which fleet (real world Airline) you would like to have your aircraft assigned to.
We will also be happy to send you an invite to our own discord server, where we socialize, fly together, sharing pictures etc. etc.. having lots of fun together (this is completely optional, although we would love to have you in :-) ), no pressure though :*
Whether you are all new to flight simulation or already an experienced “pilot” as many of us are, do not worry. We will be more than happy teaching you everything you need to know.

Hope to see you soon, right under the stars!

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
EINNEGPHMay 16, 21:019C700276nmAndré Gabrielsen100%129.255v$
ENBRENGMMay 14, 14:07152B738176nmOdd Magne Kåsastul Krieger100%813.470v$
LFRBEINNMay 13, 20:289C700308nmAndré Gabrielsen100%96.460v$
ENGMEIDWMay 10, 16:46180A20N698nmAref Zare100%2.073.925v$
LPPTLFRBMay 09, 20:279C700616nmAndré Gabrielsen100%66.290v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
SAN01Odd Magne Kåsastul KCOGardermoenMay 14, 14:08
SAN02Henry BCEOGardermoenMay 06, 00:02
SAN03Erik KATC IVAOArlandaMar 21, 06:56
SAN04Leif-Petter KPilotTromso13 Dec 2020
SAN05Tor Martin SManagerSchwechatApr 10, 19:21
SAN06Ole TPilotGardermoenApr 05, 20:24
SAN07Lars-Kristian SPilotGardermoenApr 20, 15:57
SAN10André GPilotEdinburghMay 16, 21:04
SAN11Rikki VPilotOkecieMay 06, 10:28
SAN12Aref ZPilotDublin IntlMay 15, 12:54