WCA Airlines

This airline is inactive, because there is no pilot with a Premium Membership!

Based in: Canada
Homepage: https://discord.gg/bXpp6bguqx
Balance: 656.176.703v$
Reputation: 118 of 120
Pilot salary: 20% of VA-income
Chief Executive Officer: 50% of VA-income
Manager: 40% of VA-income
Flight Director: 35% of VA-income
Senior Captain: 30% of VA-income
Captain: 25% of VA-income
Pilot: 20% of VA-income
Trainee Pilot: 12% of VA-income
Airline statusInactive
Status reasonYou need at least one Premium member in your airline!

Airline Mission

World Class Airlines (WCA) CURRENTLY HIRING!! is a global airline founded by Captain Deschenes, Ezekiel on June 25th 2020, on Flight Sim X and FS Passengers. WCA's mission is keeping classic airliners in service while still providing top quality world class service and best flying experience to every customer. Our other missions include worldwide passenger and cargo flights, Charter flights, missionary flights, commercial bush flying and disaster relief flights. We currently fly the Douglas DC-3, DC-4 and the Boeing 707-420 and looking to acquire classic jets and turboprops like Boeing 737-200s, 727s, Convair 580s, Lockheed Electra L188s and some smaller planes as well. WCA has travelled nearly 90,000 nm and traveled around the world since its beginning. Share a similar passion for old airplanes, or just love flying, and want to be part of a great company? Keep the blue side up.

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
CYHYCYZF04 Mar 202219DC3105nmEzekiel Deschenes100%3.051.300v$
CYZFCYHY21 Jan 202219DC3105nmEzekiel Deschenes100%3.260.600v$
CYHYCYZF27 Dec 202119DC3105nmEzekiel Deschenes100%3.425.100v$
CYZFCYHY25 Dec 202113DC3105nmEzekiel Deschenes100%2.657.200v$
LLBGOMDB23 Dec 202148DC41152nmEzekiel Deschenes100%14.730.100v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
WCY101Ezekiel DCEOYellowknifeJul 13, 01:17